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Bakhshis’ songs from around the world sound at Amudarya shores

On April 6, the solemn opening ceremony of the International Bakhshi Art Festival took place in Termez.

Ancient Termez is festively decorated in the national spirit – one of the cradles of world civilization. Serious preparation for the International Bakhshi Art Festival, first held not only in Uzbekistan, but throughout the world, gave a peculiar beauty and charm to this ancient and eternally young city, which is considered the southern pearl of Uzbekistan.
On the shores of the Amudarya – witnesses of all epochs of development of this ancient region, over the centuries, overcame various trials of life. An ethnographic town has been created on the territory of 32 hectares of the majestic Palace of Arts, which reflects the past and present landscaped life of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, the city of Tashkent and all regions.
Theatrical performances, performances of folklore and ethnographic groups are shown on the small stages of the town. At artisan trade fairs, foreign tourists can see ancient suzane, costumes, carpets, national folk instruments, ceramics, and family ceremonies at guest houses.
A modern scene has been built on the territory of the Palace of Arts, where the main events of the festival will be held, a majestic monument in honor of the great spiritual source of our people, the Alpamysh dastan, has been installed on a wide square.
Flags of the participating countries of the festival are fluttering around the majestic amphitheater. Decorations of the Kuhitan Mountains behind the scenes seems to attract us in the Alpamysh era.
President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev delivered keynote speech at the grand ceremony and congratulated those gathered on this event.
The art of bakhshi narrators, reflecting the national identity of different peoples, their language, lifestyles, customs and traditions, is of particular importance as an integral part of human culture. These immortal works, themselves vivid examples of the world cultural heritage, testify to the common historical roots, the noble ideals of humanity and, naturally, the desire of all peoples for a bright future, Shavkat Mirziyoyev suggested.
In his welcome speech, the Head of the state expressed his views on contemporary requirements, on the protection of values, on the work of bakhshis and the mission of scholars. His words “folk art is a lullaby of humanity” and “bakhshi art is not only an echo of the past, it is also the clear voice of modernity” became an expression of the essence and significance of the festival.
The International Bakhshi Art Festival, held for the first time in the city of Termez, not without reason gathered more than 160 participants from more than 74 countries to the Alpamysh region. Participation in the festival of reputable international organizations UNESCO, ISESCO, as well as honorary guests from Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan testifies to the high status and prestige of the forum.
Within the framework of the festival, a scientific practical conference on “The role of bakhshi art in world civilization” was held with participation of local and foreign scientists. Scientists from different countries, including from the United States, Germany, France, Russia, China, Japan, Korea, and Turkey, made presentations.
During the festival, guests will get acquainted with the unique archaeological monuments of this ancient land. They will visit the world-famous complexes Khakim at-Termezi, Sultan Saodat, Iso Termezi, the holy places of worship Fayoztepa, Kampirtepa. Festivities will be held at places, demonstration of stage programs devoted to oral folk art will be organized.
Within the framework of the international festival, a competition with participation of bakhshi performers at the age from 9 to 90 will take place. Excerpts from dastans, songs, nagma, terma performed by the participants will be evaluated by an international jury and attention will be paid to national peculiarities, artistic and aesthetic aspects of oral folk art, performing skills, stage culture and other criteria. Winners will be awarded with special diplomas, statuettes of the festival and cash prizes.
The Art Forum, which will continue until April 10, will contribute to preserving and bringing to the future generations the ancient samples of bakhshi and dastans, will become a factor in further development of the country’s tourism potential, rich in historical and architectural monuments, demonstration of our unique and diverse culture to the whole world. It will play a big role in enhancing respect for the invaluable heritage in the hearts of young people, strengthening friendship and harmony among nations, expanding creative cooperation, cultural and spiritual relations on an international scale.
The Head of the state got acquainted with the new terminal of Termez International Airport, the construction of which had been completed a few days ahead of the important cultural event.
The modern terminal is capable of serving 400 passengers an hour. Particular attention was paid to the acceleration of customs control processes, inspection points and baggage claim. Passenger-friendly conditions are delivered in waiting and CIP halls, rooms for mothers and children, for prayers, a first-aid post and other departments. The venue boasts cozy duty free shops, Wi-Fi free access, as well as a visa issuing sector for foreign tourists.
The President appreciated the amenities available in the new terminal and insisted that they be used effectively. The Head of the state stressed that it is essential to increase the frequency of international flights and the inflow of tourists from abroad, and attach special significance to the quality of service. Shavkat Mirziyoyev gave instructions to perfect the design of a new runway construction.
The President of Uzbekistan visited the mausoleum of Sultan Saodat near Termez. Surahs from the Holy Quran were recited.
According to scientists, allegedly in 865, Hassan al-Amir settled with his relatives in Termez and gave rise to an influential Seyyid dynasty. In the Middle Ages, the Termez Seyyids played important role in the social and political life of various countries, particularly in the state of Amir Temur. Sahibkiran and the Temurids, who paid special attention to worshiping the descendants of the Prophet, built mausoleums and chapels here. The tombs that appeared in the following centuries were built in the architectural traditions of their time. In this regard, the complex has great historical, spiritual and cultural significance.
The President pointed out that this venue constitutes a unique spiritual heritage, a sacred place for Muslims, therefore it is vital to thoroughly study its history, bring it to the people and foreign public. The Head of the state gave instructions on landscaping the complex on the basis of archaeological research, turning the shrine into an enormous and fine-looking pilgrimage site like the mausoleums of Imam Bukhari and Zangiata.
Shavkat Mirziyoyev also visited the mausoleum of Hakim Termizi. Prayer with wishes of peace and prosperity for our nation was read out.
Complexes of mausoleums that embody our rich history, culture, architectural traditions, the International Bakhshi Art Festival held at a high organizational level will further enhance the prestige of the country on an international scale.


Matnazar Elmurodov, Kholmumin Mamatrayimov, Ziyodulla Jonibekov, UzA