2020 year New Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan gets ready for Navruz Celebrations

On March 3, 2020, President of the Republic of Uzbekistan signed a Resolution on preparation and conduction of the nationwide holiday Navruz in 2020.

As noted in the resolution, today Uzbekistan has entered a new stage of its development on the path from national revival to national progress. In this historical period, Navruz is gaining deeper meaning and significance along with other spiritual values and noble traditions.
Such high qualities of our people as humanism, kindness and tolerance, the desire to renew life, the harmony of a man and nature, imbued with the spirit and philosophy of Navruz, are fully consistent with the goals of large-scale reforms carried out in the country.
According to the document, it was instructed to approve the composition of the Organizing Committee for the preparation and conduction of Navruz in 2020, taking into account the enormous importance of Navruz, established by the United Nations as an international holiday, as well as in order to conduct it in accordance with the new look of dynamically developing Uzbekistan.