On the territory of Uzbekistan the Lithuanians settled over 100 years ago. Today each of them has its own destiny, family, work, but all of them are united by the single culture, traditions and historical roots.
Tashkent city association of Lithuanian culture was registered in 1992. The members of the association come together both for their national holidays: Independence Day of Lithuania, Velikos—the Catholic Easter, Caledus—the Christmas, Ionenes—the celebration of the summer solstice and public holidays of the Republic of Uzbekistan: Independence Day, Navruz and others.
In their meetings, the Lithuanians remember ancient folk rituals, discuss the latest events in Lithuania and Uzbekistan, the projects of the association of Lithuanian culture and just enjoy the communication with each other, feeling themselves a part of Lithuania in Uzbekistan.

The association holds themed nights dedicated to the life and activity of outstanding representatives of the Lithuanian culture, such as the founder of the Lithuanian literature Kristijonas Donelaitis (1714–1780), the romantic poet Maironis (1862–1932), who is on the importance of creativity compared with Pushkin, the world-famous painter and composer Čiurlionis (1875–1911), and others.
Among other initiatives of the Uzbek Lithuanians are the excursion and educational tours to Lithuania for older activists and the camps for kids, cooking competitions for the best preparation of the national dishes, the painting Easter eggs and baking Easter cake, and the drawing competition for children.
The association is proud of and cherishes the memory of its outstanding compatriots and activists. Among them there is the member of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, the nuclear physicist, Professor Vytautas Bigelis, the honored artist of Uzbekistan Algirdas Chatkauskas and Gennady Dovydaitis, the participant of the development of the Hungry steppe.
The significant contribution to the development of the Tashkent association of Lithuanian culture, cooperation between countries, the revival of national traditions, strengthening of interethnic harmony in the country was made by the presidents of the association Juozas Dervinis (1992–1997), Vidas Jaunes (1997–2007) and Zydrunas Seylus (2007–2008), the member of the association—Algirdas Jaunes, was awarded the medal “Shukhrat”.
In its work the association uses the works of Lithuanian writers and poets, the newspapers and magazines received from Lithuania, completes the collection of books with method books and other literature in their native language. It is noteworthy that the number of publications of magazine “Pasaulio lietuvis”—“The Lithuanian of the world” about the Lithuanian Diaspora in more than 30 countries, includes the articles about Tashkent association of Lithuanian culture.
Realizing themselves as full-fledged citizens on the generous Uzbek land, the representatives of small Lithuanian community make contribution to the palette of cultures of multinational Uzbekistan.