Citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan have an inalienable right to health protection.
The state provides citizens with health protection regardless of age, sex, race, nationality, language, attitude to religion, social origin, convictions, personal and social status.

The state guarantees citizens protection from discrimination, regardless of whether they have any form of disease. Persons guilty of violating this provision are liable in the manner prescribed by law.

Citizens have the right to receive reliable and timely information on factors that affect the health status, including information on the sanitary and epidemiological well-being of the territory of residence, rational nutrition standards, on goods, works, services, their safety, compliance with sanitary norms and rules.

Every citizen has the right to free consultations on family issues, the presence of socially significant diseases and diseases that are dangerous to others, on the medical and psychological aspects of marital and family relations, as well as on medical genetic, other consultations and examinations to state institutions for medical reasons. health system.

Each family has the right to choose a family doctor.

Source: Governmental portal of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Additional information about the topic: Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan