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Bukhara celebrates “Sabantuy”

“Sabantuy” National Holiday in Bukhara was celebrated at the initiative of the Tatar-Bashkir National Cultural Center.

It was attended by compatriots of Tatar nationality living in the region, the population of the city, tourists, representatives of the public and the media.

“Sabantuy” is one of the Tatars’ holidays, which is held in summer. Previously, this holiday was celebrated after the sowing season. Performances, games, festivities are organized, treats are prepared for the holiday.

“About ten thousand of our compatriots of Tatar nationality live in Bukhara in friendship and harmony with the Uzbeks”, says the head of Tatar-Bashkir National Cultural Center Ravil Zabirov. – We are together in joy and sorrow. We celebrate weddings together. We do not forget our friends in days of sorrow. We have lived together for centuries. We don’t need a translator to understand each other. The friendship of the Uzbek and Tatar peoples has survived for many centuries and continues to this day. True friendship is more valuable than gold. The friendship between peoples is the main wealth of our state. And “Sabantuy” indicates our unity.

A concert program was organized at the festival. Various national games of the Tatar people and performances took place. The traditions and customs of the nation were demonstrated on the stage of the Labi Hauz ensemble. The guests tasted Tatar cuisine and pastries.