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Film about Pahlavon Makhmud will be shot in Khorezm

The “Uzbekkino” national agency is planning to shoot a film about Uzbek great ancestor, poet and wrestler Pahlavon Makhmud, named “Afsonadagi haqiqat” (Truth in the legend) in cooperation with the Khorezm regional hakimiyat. As the screenplay, various legends about Pahlavon Mahmud, who is considered as a Piryoyvali and his matchless courage and rich spiritual heritage will be featured through impressive scenes based on such legends.

Film director is Hamidulla Hasanov, honored worker of culture of Uzbekistan. According to the given information, currently preparations for shooting are underway. The film will premiere in September 2021.

In fact, on the order of the ministry of culture of the Republic of Uzbekistan, a multi-part film about another great ancestor, the last Khorezmshah – Jaloliddin Manguberdi, who grew up in Khorezm is being shot in Turkey at present.