2020 year glavnaya New Uzbekistan

Holiday congratulations to the people of Uzbekistan

Dear compatriots!
I cordially congratulate all of you and the entire multi-ethnic people of Uzbekistan on the bright holiday Navruz and express my deep respect and warmest, sincere wishes to you.
Dear friends!
We all know that ancient philosophy of Navruz, its essence and meaning are primarily in maintaining peace and respect for human health.
If peace and stability are maintained in a society, people’s health is ensured, then such a society will certainly achieve its goals. Unfortunately, however, this task is becoming more difficult in the current age of globalization.
It is no accident that people say that years differ from each other. In life, everything is not smooth, it is not without trials and difficulties.
Today we are even more aware of this truth. We are facing such a serious threat as a coronavirus infection. The state and government are taking all measures to eliminate it as soon as possible.
I am sure that all our citizens, regardless of their nationality, language or religion, will unite even more and will be able to overcome this ordeal by remaining calm, showing strong will, high consciousness, and responsibility.
Taking into account the current situation, this year we have suspended holding mass events on Navruz days.
Taking this opportunity, I once again thank our people for correctly assessing the current difficult situation and supporting the measures taken.
I hope that these troubled days will soon be behind us. And we together with our people will celebrate many holidays and festivities.
Dear compatriots!
Despite the difficulties, life continues. This year we will celebrate Navruz in our homes, with our family.
At present, skilled dehkans and farmers have begun planting with high hopes. In all regions, millions of trees are being planted everywhere, and new gardens are being laid out to make our country even more beautiful.
On this joyous day, we all wish our hardworking dehkans this year to be a high-yielding and successful.
We congratulate the peoples of the countries of near and far abroad, all friends and partners of Uzbekistan on New Year on Eastern calendar – Navruz holiday and express our best wishes to them.
Dear compatriots!
May all our good hopes and aspirations come true!
May there always be peace in our country and a prosperous life for our people!
May Almighty protect us all!
Happy Navruz to you, my dears!
Shavkat Mirziyoyev,
President of the Republic of Uzbekistan