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More than 200 Uzbekistan citizens return from abroad

On March 16, at 21.45 and 22.00, two aircraft landed on a charter flight from Iran and Riga at Namangan International Airport. More than 200 of our compatriots were on the planes of the Ministry of Defense and Uzbekistan Airways: 37 people from Iran and 175 from Latvia.

Passengers of these special flights were met by the working commission, which included representatives of the headquarters organized by the regional khokimiyat, the health department, the center for sanitary and epidemiological control and other relevant organizations.
All measures have been taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Medical workers in special protective clothing sanitized each passenger. Passengers were taken to medical facilities for quarantine. They will be under the supervision of medical professionals.
According to the head of the regional health department S. Muminov, compatriots who arrived from Iran and Latvia were placed in a specially prepared infectious diseases hospital in Turakurgan district and in sanatoriums of Kasansay. They will be quarantined for 14 days.
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