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New Uzbekistan University founded

On June 23, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev got acquainted with a presentation on measures to organize the educational process at New Uzbekistan University.

The availability of highly qualified specialists is of decisive importance for the development and the future of any country. In Uzbekistan, which has set itself ambitious tasks in all spheres, attention is paid to the quality of education and training personnel of the new formation at the level of state policy.

Presidential and specialized schools are organized in all regions. This, along with strengthening the desire of young people to acquire knowledge and skills, the correct choice of a future profession, strengthened the faith of our compatriots in the success of educational reforms.

The President noted that he sees the “golden fund” of Uzbekistan in educated youth. A new generation of young people is graduating from school this year. At the initiative of the President, New Uzbekistan University is being established to create the most modern conditions for education in the country.

The university will be organized in the form of a state higher education institution, the main tasks of which will be: training promising personnel with high professional skills and competencies based on educational programs of reputable foreign universities, developing the intellectual abilities of students and creating a comprehensively favorable environment for this.

To this end, the educational process at the new university will be organized in cooperation with reputable universities of foreign countries. For example, the entrance exams will be conducted by the University of Cambridge. Curricula and programs will be developed jointly with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Technical University of Munich. These universities will also assist in quality control of education, staffing laboratories and libraries.

There will be five faculties: Engineering, Natural Sciences, Management, Agrotechnology and Information Technology. The training will be conducted in the state and English languages, according to the credit-modular system, on a grant and paid-contract basis.

The educational buildings and campuses of the educational institution will comply with international BREEAM certificates. The beginning of the first academic year is scheduled for September this year. Until the completion of the construction of the new building, training will be temporarily held in unused buildings of the University of World Economy and Diplomacy.

One of the main tasks of the university is also to conduct scientific research based on the needs of economic sectors, broad involvement of students in scientific and innovative activities. To this end, the University will cooperate with leading universities and research centers of the world, and a scientific journal will be established.

The Head of the state gave instructions on organizing admission and education processes at the level of international standards, ensuring the effective integration of science, education and production.

“University students from the first year should be assigned to sectors of the economy and research centers. Ministries, reputable institutions and large companies must participate in the university board of trustees. They should declare their needs, integrate into the educational process, invest in future specialists”, Shavkat Mirziyoyev said.

The President approved the proposed measures and signed a resolution on the founding of the New Uzbekistan University.

Measures to improve the activities of Presidential, specialized and creative schools were also discussed at the presentation.