2022 year main


Saidova Nigina Sirojiddin qizi


Student, Faculty of International relations (world politics)

University of World Economy and Diplomacy/Tashkent/ Uzbekistan


The relations between Uzbekistan and Belgium are very cordial and comprehensive and beneficial for both sides. The purpose of this scientific work is to provide information on the development of socio-economic, legal, trade, security, parliamentary and analytical relations between Uzbekistan and Belgium and the interests of cooperation between them.

Index Terms- Security, cooperation, prospective plans, trade development, social, economic, legal relations, delegation, industry, agriculture, Agreement, organization, cultural and humanitarian spheres

 Warm friendly relations between the countries, cooperation, economic, political relations, all these serve to create facilities for wide opportunities for both sides. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the relations between Uzbekistan and Belgium were able to establish friendly relations based on cooperation in the way of creating such facilities.

The main steps of Uzbek-Belgian relations began almost 30 years ago, when the embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan was opened in Brussels, the capital of Belgium in 1993, thus the official relations between the two countries were transferred to a practical basis. The cooperation and relations that were carried out from the beginning were now carried out in a positive way, based on warm cooperation, carried out with more responsibility within the framework of the law. this cooperation gradually began to move to higher levels, and in June 1996, the Belgian delegation visited Uzbekistan. During the meetings of the members of the delegation with the leaders of Uzbekistan, the issues of development of trade and economic relations were discussed. A business seminar of representatives of Uzbek and Belgian businessmen was also held. Prospective plans were also reviewed and cooperation activities were accelerated. After the official visit of the first president of the Republic of Uzbekistan I. A. Karimov to the Kingdom of Belgium on November 12-14, 1996, relations between the two countries reached a new level. During the visit, a loan agreement was signed between the National Bank of Foreign Economic Activity of Uzbekistan and the Belgian “General” bank. The joint political declaration signed between the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Prime Minister of Belgium created a legal basis for mutually beneficial cooperation between the two countries. At the end of the negotiations between Uzbekistan and the Kingdom of Belgium, a convention on the prevention of double tax avoidance and tax evasion on income and investments, as well as an agreement on the air route, were signed. As a result of this, economic relations between the two countries began to develop. Representative offices of the company for Belgium were opened in Tashkent. Joint enterprises “Vita”, “Assekan LTD”, “Cellulose Enterprise” created together with Belgian businessmen began to deal with the production of building materials, consumer goods, processing of agricultural raw materials. In 1996, the trade between the two countries began to increase. Prospects for cooperation between Uzbekistan and Belgium in the fields of textile industry, agriculture, construction, tourism, banking, as well as training of highly qualified specialists have been opened.

In 1994, the delegation of Uzbekistan visited Belgium. This delegation included many industrial and enterprise owners, provincial and district governors, and large legal entities. During the visit, the issues of establishing cooperation with large Belgian high-tech firms in the field of light industry were discussed, and specific planned works and their implementation were agreed upon. In May 1997, when the director of the Institute of European Policy at Biyaelg University, Luyen Kstlin Melfli, came to Tashkent, the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan agreed to cooperate with legal scholars of several countries in Europe in order to improve the activities of the legal educational institutions of our country.

Inter-parliamentary relations between Uzbekistan and Belgium have also become increasingly active. Even now, representatives of the Belgian parliament, members of the “Belgium-Uzbekistan” inter-parliamentary cooperation group regularly participate in international conferences held in our country.

In the economic sphere, the most favorable system has been introduced between Uzbekistan and Belgium. Uzbekistan exports cotton fiber, gas, inorganic chemical products to Belgium. Mechanical equipment, pharmaceutical products, plastic products, rubber and rubber are brought to our country from Belgium. Since 1999, the representative office of the Wallonia Export and Foreign Investment Agency (AWEX) has been operating in Tashkent. A memorandum of cooperation was signed between the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of West Flanders. A number of business forums and presentations, businessmen’s meetings devoted to the improvement of agriculture, trade, economy, investment, urban infrastructure are being held in our countries.

The members of the Belgian parliamentary delegation highly appreciated Uzbekistan’s peace-loving policy, efforts aimed at ensuring security and stability in the region. He noted that he is interested in developing relations with Uzbekistan in the areas of parliamentarism, trade, and economy. It is natural that special attention should be paid to the strengthening of peace, security and stability in the region, thus making a great contribution to peace and prosperity in the region. It is important to take into account the reforms aimed at the development of entrepreneurship in our country, the opportunities and facilities created for the development of the industry. Uzbekistan, which is taking actions step by step according to the strategy “From a strong state to a strong civil society”, has witnessed that today it is finding a little place on this path. Such large-scale reforms in your country are the foundation of your people’s prosperity. A lot of work has been done and is being done to further develop mutual cooperation between the two countries in different directions.

The members of the Belgian delegation were introduced to the activities of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis of our country, its committees, factions and parliamentary groups.

During the meeting with the Chairman of the Committee on Democratic Institutions, Non-Governmental Organizations and Citizens’ Self-Governing Bodies of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and the Head of the Group of the Oliy Majlis on Cooperation with the Parliament of the Kingdom of Belgium, between the two countries issues related to the development of inter-parliamentary relations, ensuring the rule of law, further strengthening of cooperation in a number of areas such as trade and economy, and the activation of mutual exchange of experience were discussed.

The Belgian delegation held talks at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Economic Relations, Investments and Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

During the period of 2000-2015, the relations between Uzbekistan and Belgium increased in high-level cooperation, and many contracts, trade-economic relations, entrepreneurship, law, security, parliamentary agreements increased, and all the agreements between them cooperation has shown positive results for both countries.

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Kingdom of Belgium in 2017, King Philippe of the Belgians sent congratulations to the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev. In his congratulation, the King of the Belgians notes that in 2017, the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Belgium and Uzbekistan is a great pleasure.

Both sides are pleased that the cooperation between our countries has been successfully developing in various fields in recent years, and that friendly relations and mutual understanding, which are the important basis of our bilateral relations, are being consistently strengthened.

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel congratulated the leadership of Uzbekistan, saying that Uzbekistan has strengthened its sovereignty since the day of independence and has become a country with significant political and economic potential in the region. which is being implemented, emphasizes that there is a great potential for its further diversification.

In the greeting of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Shavkat Mirziyoyev, it was noted with pleasure that in the past period, good and practical relations based on the traditions of strong friendship and mutual understanding were established between the two countries. The head of Uzbekistan expressed confidence that joint efforts aimed at developing relations between the two countries will be continued, cooperation will be further strengthened based on the principles of mutual respect, equal rights and trust.

Uzbekistan is interested in the further development of effective and mutually beneficial cooperation on mutual and multilateral cooperation issues – political-diplomatic and cultural-humanitarian spheres, specific programs and projects related to trade, investments and high technologies, and this , the utility shows many positive results.

On September 24-25, 2018, the delegation of Uzbekistan visited Belgium, which included representatives of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis, the Institute of Strategic and Interregional Studies, the Information and Analysis Center of International Relations, and the “Development Strategy” Center.

As part of the visit, meetings were held with EU experts, the South Asian Democratic Forum, the Eurocontinent Analytical Center, the Institute of European Asian Studies in Belgium and others.

During the meeting and negotiations, the European side discussed the main results of the reforms defined in the Action Strategy for the development of the Republic of Uzbekistan in five priority areas in 2017-2021, the tourism-economic potential of Uzbekistan and Uzbekistan’s new role in the region. foreign policy directions were discussed.

The European Parliament and the Institute of European Asian Studies held roundtable discussions on new trends in the domestic and foreign policy of Uzbekistan, new directions of development, as well as the priorities of bilateral cooperation with the European Union.

In September of the same year, memorandums of cooperation were signed between the Information and Analytical Center of International Relations and the Belgian “South Asian Democratic Forum” and “Eurocontinent” analytical centers, and prospective plans were agreed upon.

The South Asian Democratic Forum deals with issues of regional cooperation between the member states of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation, including Afghanistan, as well as the relations of this region with the European Union. In turn, the tasks of the Euro continent think tank include promoting cooperation between the European Union and neighboring regions on issues of international development and stability, and the like. These analytical structures are the leading “think tanks” of Belgium and actively participate directly in the process of making the main foreign policy decisions of Brussels.

The agreements include the organization of publication of articles by the experts of the Information and Analysis Center on International Relations in the publications of European centers, participation in scientific and research activities conducted by the parties, as well as the holding of joint roundtables, seminars and meetings of experts. All this, without a doubt, serves to expand contacts, mutual understanding and effective cooperation between representatives of the analytical community of Uzbekistan and Belgium. The state and prospects of the bilateral cooperation between Uzbekistan and Belgium are being reviewed at regular meetings and conferences. The dynamics of development of relations between the two countries in the political, economic, cultural and humanitarian spheres is increasing significantly and to a gratifying level.

It can be said that the business mission of Belgian business circles to Uzbekistan organized by the Walloon Export and Foreign Investment Agency (AWEX) and the Flemish Investment and Trade Agency (FIT) in November 2021 was also positive. At the same time, there is an untapped potential in the field of foreign trade and investments, and in the future, actions will be taken on the basis of plans focused on these areas.

They are ready to activate bilateral relations in all spheres and can show enthusiasm in the work carried out in this regard. The agreement to hold the next round of political consultations between Uzbekistan and Belgium in the second half of 2022 in Tashkent was included in the plan. It is hoped that this meeting will be useful in every way.


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