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Samarkand to host Pilaf Festival this Saturday

The Pilaf Festival in Samarkand will take place on April 27. The festival guests can become acquainted with the national traditions and peculiarities of cooking the main dish of Uzbek cuisine

Uzbekistan people love and know how to cook the best pilaf, and each individual region has its own unique recipe. The organizers invited masters from different regions of the country, so guests of the festival will have the opportunity to taste many kinds of this delicious dish.
The festival gives a unique opportunity to see with the own eyes the difficult and fascinating process of preparing pilaf, master classes, culinary secrets and the atmosphere of the real East. The festival promises to be unforgettable!
According to the Press Service of the State Committee for Tourism Development of Uzbekistan, the event will be held at Osh Center (Pilaf Center), at the Center of Masters, starting at 10 a.m., in Samarkand.