2020 год glavnaya

Strengthen actions in the Aral Sea!

Aral region announced by UNDP and the Government of Uzbekistan as the area of ​​environmental innovations and technologies.

Special Adviser to the Administrator of UNDP Abdoulaye March Diye called for national and international development partners to continue their efforts to revive the Aral Sea region.
«Now is the time to act. We need to revive the natural favorable conditions for the life of people in remote areas of Karakalpakstan, which will encourage young people to return, and that will continue to work on the revival of the Aral Sea region «- said the Special Adviser.

In recent years, the Government of Uzbekistan with the support of UNDP, has provided more than 66,000 rural people access to drinking water, electricity, health and education. More than 215 small businesses have received support. About 213 400 people have access to quality health care.

Mr. Diye visited Nukus to participate in a major international conference on the Aral Sea region. He visited Muinak, assessed the situation in the region, mingle with the locals.

At the conference with the government draft a special UN General Assembly resolution declaring the Aral Sea region a zone of ecological innovations and technologies was agreed.
Over the past 26 years, UNDP has been operating in Uzbekistan to assist governmental and non-governmental organizations in the acquisition of knowledge, expertise and resources for the successful economic and social reforms.