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Rishtan potters amaze the world

Rishtan is the most ancient city of Fergana valley on the Great Silk Road. The miracles created by potters from ordinary clay have fascinated many for many centuries. Products made by them are distinguished by a peculiar magic pattern, natural design in the form of capsicum.

Sharofiddin Yusupov, Academician of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, Honored Art Worker of the Republic of Uzbekistan, holder of Fidokorona Hizmatlari Uchun order, is the seventh generation potter. He has been working in this field for over seventy years.
His skills have been recognized in the United States, France, Japan, Russia and other countries of the world. His creations are stored in many famous museums in the world.
Sharofiddin Yusupov uses three colors of paint in his work and creates hundreds of types of products that do not repeat each other. Therefore, probably, there is such an expression among the potters: “Put on the firing in the furnace, and then hope for your happiness!”
Foreign guests who arrive in Fergana always visit the land of potters. Because the products made by them cannot leave anyone indifferent.