Samarkand cake is famous for its unique taste and for a long time does not grow stale.

There is a legend that the Emir of Bukhara was a great lover of Samarkand cakes and once asked the courtiers – “Why do they bring flat cakes from Samarkand when they can be baked in Bukhara?” – he was ordered to bring the best nani (baker) from Samarkand. But no matter how hard the baker tried, the cakes from him turned out not so delicious … “Probably, it’s a matter of Samarkand flour …” – thought the emir. They delivered the flour, but the bread did not turn out again … – “Maybe it’s in the water …?” – They brought water … “Clay?” – made a tandoor (clay oven) from Samarkand clay, but the cakes failed. “Maybe it’s the Samarkand air?” – thought the emir … “But the air, do not bring” – Emir abandoned attempts and decided to deliver cakes as before – from Samarkand.

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