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A meeting of the regional working group established to hold a high-level International Bakhshi Art Festival, to be held on April 5-10, 2019 in Termez, was held.

It was emphasized that the resolution of the President of the country “On holding the International Bakhshi Art Festival” of November 1 this year is aimed at further developing the art of bakhshi and storytelling at a new level, glorifying our national values on a global scale, increasing the authority of bakhshi poets.

Particular attention was paid to organizing solo concerts of foreign and Uzbekistan masters of bakhshi art, international competitions, performances of folklore ensembles, exhibitions on the history of bakhshi art, presentations of relevant scientific-research papers, published in Uzbek, Arabic, English, Persian, Russian.

At the meeting, the activities of the working group were comprehensively considered. Suggestions and recommendations were given.